It’s So Cold That Sharks Are Freezing To Death

You can dream of ringing in the New Year, blissfully walking in a winter wonderland. But you’ll probably end up just trying to find shelter from the big Arctic freeze.

People across the U.S. (aside from some choice locations like the Southwest) have been experiencing record lows. If you’re in one of these affected locations, you know: It’s cold. Very cold.

In Fact, It’s Water-Freezes-In-Mid-Air Cold

Taking “FREEZE!” literally, a cup of water doesn’t even have time to hit the ground in Winnipeg, Canada, before turning into a frozen flurry.

It’s Close-The-Ice-Hockey-Rinks Cold

Cold and hockey are as Canadian as maple syrup, so something has gone haywire if Canadians are running off the rink and into the great indoors. The Bell Capital Cup tweeted that games for its international youth hockey tournament would be moved from the outdoor Canada 150 rink, located on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, to an indoor complex “due to extreme cold weather.”

It’s Sharks-Are-Dying Cold

It’s so cold in Massachusetts that sharks are washing up on the shoreline of Cape Cod Bay. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said two thresher sharks were found Dec. 27, “likely stranded due to cold shock.”

It’s Break-Some-Records Cold

International Falls, Minnesota, more than lived up to its nickname—the Icebox of the Nation—last week when it recorded a record low of -36 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday morning. Watertown, New York, fell to minus-32 on Thursday. Its old daily record for the day? Minus 23.

It’s Ski-Behind-A-Horse-And-Buggy Cold

A woman driving through Morley, Michigan, on Christmas Day saw a guy skiing while being pulled by a horse and buggy, because, well, why not?

It’s Cancel-The-Polar-Bear-Plunges Cold

We never did quite understand why anyone would risk frostbite and hypothermia and plunge into bodies of water. But now that several places (such as in New Jersey and Pennsylvania) have canceled events, we’ll kinda miss it.

polar bear plunge photo
Getty Images | Astrid Riecken

It’s Crack-Your-Window Cold

Those aren’t icicles. One Twitter user shared a picture of her window, which she says cracked under the blistering cold.

Written by Madeline Holcombe and Dalila-Johari Paul for CNN.

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