Sharon Osbourne debuts all-white hair after years of coloring it

Sharon Osbourne is famous for her fiery red hair — it matches her personality. But now her spunky crimson cut is gone, replaced by an elegant platinum-white shade.

Noted hair colorist Jack Martin posted photos of his handiwork on Instagram, saying Osbourne had grown weary of the upkeep on her red-dyed hair. Her natural mane is all white, Martin said, and she’d been getting it colored every week for 18 years!

“She explained to me that she wanted to do this transformation a long time ago but every time she attempts it ends up with a disaster,” Martin wrote.

He said the process took a full eight hours to complete — and on his day off, too — but that he enjoyed spending time with “this gorgeous, humble and sweet soul.”

Here’s Osbourne’s chic new color:

Stunning, right?

Martin also shared a clip of Osbourne showing off the new look on “The Talk.” Her co-hosts gushed over the flattering change and asked what prompted her to switch it up.

“I just was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore,'” Osbourne said of her intense color-care regimen. “I’m like, ‘Why am I trying to do something or be something that I’m not?’ Just be who you are.”

Osbourne mentioned that stars like Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda inspired her silver-fox color choice. Fonda wowed style watchers at the Academy Awards earlier in February when she debuted a glimmering, steely new color to present the award for Best Picture.

Probably not coincidentally, Martin also colored Fonda’s hair for the big night.

Jane Fonda photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

Osbourne’s hair may be drastically different, but she’s still the same, straightforward Sharon. On “The Talk,” she told her co-hosts that her attitude toward plastic surgery hasn’t changed, despite her embracing a more natural hair color.

“I don’t say, ‘I’m going to stop the surgery,'” she said, drawing laughter. “Just — change the hair.”

We think Sharon looks fabulous with her new look!