Shawn Mendes reveals his Harry Potter obsession on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Whenever a celebrity gets into the car with James Corden for a round of “Carpool Karaoke” on “The Late Late Show,” we get excited. It’s a fun opportunity for us (and for the rest of the audience) to see a different side of that celebrity. And things were no different when Corden recently played host to singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes.

Mendes appeared on the segment on June 4, and the duo seemed to have a blast belting out a number of Mendes’ hits, including “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back,” “In My Blood,” ” Mercy,” “Treat You Better” and “Lost in Japan.” But Mendes also revealed something about himself most people may not be aware of. Namely, that he is a huge “Harry Potter” fan. You heard us right, “Potterheads.” It turns out that Mendes is one of your own.

On a scale of 1–10 in “Harry Potter” fandom, Mendes ranks himself at a 9.5. When Corden asks if he thinks he might ever outgrow his obsession, Mendes tells him that he believes his love for the franchise “keeps him young.”

In a funny gag, each time the camera cut to Mendes as he talked about how much he loves “Harry Potter,” he was wearing a different piece of clothing or accessory to resemble the titular character, including his oversize glasses and wand, until he looked exactly like Potter himself. Watch the whole clip from “The Late Late Show,” which was posted to their YouTube channel:

After donning Potter’s look, the next time the camera cuts to Mendes, he is dressed like another character from the franchise: Hogwarts headmaster Dumbledore.

Later, Mendes reveals that he used to play hockey. The two end up at an ice rink, where Mendes shows off his skills, and Corden has trouble even making it onto the ice. While playing goalie as Mendes makes some shots, Corden falls on the ice, but just like during the drive, the pair seem to have a ton of fun together.

“That’s my first and last time playing ice hockey. Let’s get back in the car,” Corden announces after they play for a bit.

Safely back on the road, the two get back to singing, ending with a rendition of “Lost in Japan,” in which they both easily hit the high notes.

We can’t wait to see which celebrity ends up in Corden’s car next!