‘She Sheds’ Are The New ‘Man Caves’ For Women

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Move over, “man caves”—we’ve got “she sheds.” If men can have a snazzy place to unwind, then so can women. While the concept of a she shed isn’t totally new (there are a surprising number of books out there dedicated to shed decor), it seems everywhere we turn we’re reading about them. Given how lovely and relaxing they look, it’s easy to see why.

You can create a “she shed” out of an old gardening shed or cottage that’s already on your property, or build a new one. The most amazing thing about a she shed is that it’s supposed to help foster the “me time” that is often hard for women to find.

Women are using she sheds for all different activities, from gardening to yoga to painting to simply relaxing and reading a good book. The best part about a she shed is that you can customize it to fit your needs and desires.

Keep reading to check out some of the sweet she sheds that are already out there and how they’re being used. You may even get inspired to make your own!

1. Backyard Escape

Many women have started to cultivate sacred backyard oases of their own that easily rival the luxury of a bachelor pad.

Better Homes & Gardens

2. Cute Corner

“She sheds” are the hottest new trend for women, and they make for elegant outdoor getaways that can help you deal with the hustle and bustle of life.


3. Alone Time

A typical “she shed” offers a space for you to work on your favorite hobby, whether it be crafting, writing or gardening—as well as just a quiet space for you to read, hang out or—dare I say it?—nap.

Ella Claire

4. Relaxation

The point of these hideaways is to create an environment for you feel relaxed and comfortable.


5. Small And Cozy

You don’t need to have a ton of space on your property to erect a she shed.


6. Oasis

A “she shed” doesn’t need a large footprint to serve its purpose.

Tia Borgsmidt/Bolig Magasinet

7. Getaway

Can you think of anything more relaxing than a she shed on a beach?

Jeroen van der Spek/Vtwonen

8. Gathering

Some “she sheds” look perfect for sipping iced tea with a couple close friends.

Erica George Dines/Country Living

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9. Zen

A “she shed” can be a great spot to practice yoga.


10. Outdoor Parties

Philadelphia homeowners converted this greenhouse into a gorgeous “she shed” that double as a beautiful space for casual entertaining.

Philly Mag/Floto + Warner

11. Private Space

“She sheds” make for great artist workspaces where budding or long-practicing artists can focus on their work without interruptions.


12. Clean And Modern

Rustic or shabby chic design doesn’t do it for you? A clean, modern design like this music studio shed may be calling your name.

HGTV/Modern Shed, Inc.

13. Multi-Purpose

If you have the space, make your shed multi-purpose. This shed incorporates a corner for tools, tables and a couch with a cozy rug for lounging or playing music.

Studio Shed

14. Potting Shed

Those with a green thumb will love this well-designed potting shed. Who wouldn’t want to retreat here to plant some herbs or flowers?

The Old Blue Bucket

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