Shelter Dog Refused To Be Adopted Without Her Best Friend

shelter dog best friends
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Move over, man. This dog’s got a new best friend.

Seven years ago, Alaina Brinton went to a shelter to adopt a dog named Lucy. But when she got there, she was told by the shelter that Lucy had a pal.

“I saw a picture of Lucy at my local Humane Society and just had to meet her,” Brinton told The Dodo. “When I called, they said that she’d been fostered with another dog and they’d like for me to also meet her buddy. I figured there wouldn’t be any harm in seeing both.”

That is when Brinton met Sully, a younger dog who had come into the shelter and immediately bonded with Lucy. When she saw the two, Brinton knew she didn’t want to break up the BFFs. I mean, look at them on the car ride home. They are adorable.

“I fell in love right away,” Brinton told the Dodo. “Besides, it was obvious Sully was looking to Lucy to show him what things were or weren’t okay, and I wouldn’t have had the heart to split them up.”

And so Lucy and Sully continue to live together and remain everyone’s #RelationshipGoals. They eat together, play together, nap together, and lounge together. Also, can we talk real quickly about how awesome a dog’s schedule is?

“They’re buddies forever,” Brinton said. “Anytime they’re settling in together, Lucy will give Sully a couple of licks on his forehead and he just looks like he’s so pleased.”

As the younger and bigger of the dogs, Brinton said Sully is a little more active. But no matter how far he wanders off, he always comes back to check on Lucy.

“Even when he’s roaming around the dog park, Sully will come back and check on Lucy every couple of minutes or so,” Brinton told the Dodo. “He says hi, walks with her for a bit, and then he’s off again. She doesn’t seem to mind.”

This just goes to show that dogs will always be loyal to their friends. Even if that friend isn’t always a dog.

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