Shelter dog finds forever home after stealing stuffed toy from dollar store

A shelter dog in North Carolina has a forever home after a Facebook post about him “consistently” breaking into a Dollar General to steal a stuffed purple unicorn went viral.

According to the Duplin County Animal Services, the officer who brought the dog into the shelter on March 21 also bought the toy for him to bring along.

The initial post made about the “sassy” dog, named Sisu, racked up 22,000 shares on Facebook.

According to the post, the unicorn-loving pup won’t tolerate any “back talk” from other dogs, is very vocal and is very obedient.

“Knows sit, lay, heel and loves unicorns from dollar general [sic],” read the post.


Since the viral post, Sisu has found a forever family and even got a bit of a glamor photo shoot with his unicorn buddy, as shown on Duplin County Animal Services’ Facebook page.


By Emily McCain, WFTS.