This shipping container home is another clever example of the tiny house trend

You probably already know that tiny homes are all the rage. And this shipping container home is no exception. We’re already fans of unique homes, and this brings unique to a whole new level.

This particular home is located in in Needville, Texas, and was built by Backcountry Containers. If you think the below looks like a converted shipping container, you’re right.

Watch us on @hgtv tonight at 7:30 CST to see how we create custom container homes! #tinyhousebigliving #swiperight

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Not only are shipping containers durable—built as they are to withstand rough conditions, such as being stacked on atop the other—but they are also leak-proof. Why not move into one?

If you’re still skeptical that a home like this could be structurally sound, Backcountry Containers insists on their website that they inspect them to make sure they’re water and wind tight. Are we winning you over?  The company can custom-build a container home depending on you specific needs, using a combination of 20- and 40-foot models.

Another benefit? By reusing shipping containers in this way, Backcountry Containers is helping the environment, too! A win-win for everybody, including the Earth.

This clever use of shipping containers is starting to gain national attention. The company recently got their own reality show, “Container Homes,” for the DIY/HGTV Network. It’s a six-episode order, and the show will begin airing in late 2017 or early 2018. And one of their homes was already on the network this past summer, on “Tiny House, Big Living.”

Though HGTV has featured tiny homes on air before, including the one that Backcountry Containers created, this new show will be all about the container homes the company creates.

And based upon the pictures here, that’s definitely a show we want to watch. After all, we can always use even more sources of home inspiration.

Well, that’s a wrap! Thank you so much for watching our episode of #tinyhousebigliving #welcomehomeemily #backcountrycontainers #helloworld

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Here’s the episode guide if you want to check out the show, too.

[h/t: Adventurian]