How to shop like ‘This is Us’ star Chrissy Metz

While she sometimes wears custom, one-of-a-kind outfits when strolling the red carpet, “This is Us” star Chrissy Metz has also been known to wear clothes all of us non-celebrities can purchase too.

The actress has struggled with weight her entire life and even started doing Weight Watchers when she was 11 years old. She says her family struggled to get by when she was growing up and she turned to food for comfort. Because of her size, she says some of the most difficult experiences she had during her childhood revolved around back-to-school shopping.

“It was terrible. I had to settle for clothes. I wanted cute little cutoff shorts, but I had to get the longer ones because of my thighs. I thought, ‘Maybe I could cut them and maybe I could make them my own,’” she told People magazine last year. “It was really hard. My younger sister is thin and she would always be wearing cute clothes, so I had no one to talk to.”

Now, Metz isn’t afraid to wear what she wants and show off her personality in her fashion choices. For example, the latex dress she wore at the MTV Movie & TV Awards that she said made people “get rowdy”.

Where To Get Some Of Metz’s Best Looks For Yourself

Despite now having access to some of the world’s most in-demand designers and labels, Metz has revealed she shops at popular plus-size clothing stores, like Eloquii, where she purchased a $139 tie-neck ruffle-sleeve dress that she wore at the Critics’ Choice Awards. In this case, Metz’s stylist did make the dress slightly longer, but the original can be purchased online.

metz critics choice photo
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

She also wore a faux leather jacket to her 36th birthday party from Avenue. While that jacket appears to no longer be available, the retailer has other coats online that cost $100 or less.

The latest fashion news from the star is even better for anyone that’s looking to replicate her style. Loft, the sister brand of Ann Taylor, is now offering plus-size clothing and Metz has already been seen in two of its dresses.

In September 2017, Metz wore a polka dot wrap midi dress for an appearance on NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” The cost? Only $89!

Another $89 find that the actress has been seen wearing is the paisley wrap midi dress from Loft, which she rocked at a pre-Golden Globe Awards party in January.

metz coca cola photo
Getty Images | Phillip Faraone

Loft Plus has sizes ranging from 16 to 26, with prices from about $20 to $110. The entire line is available online.

Before she found her style through custom outfits and plus-size clothing lines, Metz told People magazine she used to design her own, “because otherwise you’d look like someone’s grandma and you’re 14.”

Now, the actress says she is even planning a clothing line for the future to help all women, regardless of their size, feel confident in what they’re wearing.

“We need to be specific about how clothing fits different body shapes,” she told the magazine. “I want to show personality, and make something that I want to wear. If I don’t want to wear it, I would not want to sell it.”

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Getty Images | Matt Winkelmeyer

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