This Shopping List Will Help You Eat Clean

Nowadays you hear so much about eating clean, but it can be hard to know what exactly fits into that category. Grocery shopping is hard enough as it is, so knowing what to buy that counts as “clean” can be daunting. Maybe you’re not even sure what “clean eating” is!

For starters, clean eating means eating foods that are are pure or whole, and avoiding foods that processed, refined, and handled.

With that being said, eating foods in their whole means you usually need to assemble your own meals, since you can’t really on packaged goods or frozen dinners. This can make a trip to the grocery store more complicated. However, this shouldn’t scare you off from eating whole foods. If you’re prepared ahead of time and know what to buy, shopping for your clean foods should be a breeze.

Check out the list below for an idea of what to buy at the grocery store, and feel free to customize it on your own.

MBG Creative

Photo by avrene