This Shopping Mall Is Made Entirely Of Shipping Containers

The Common Ground mall in Seoul, South Korea is not your average shopping mall.

The mall, which opened in 2015, is actually made up of 200 modular shipping containers comprising a total of 17,400 square feet of space.

The mall has outdoor seating areas (though looks like rain was in the forecast this day)…


..and here’s an indoor seating area. The foliage keeps shoppers in touch with nature.


Small pop-up stores/kiosks populate the open space, too.


You can take an evening stroll in the open air.


In the center, the open pavilion houses food trucks for hungry shoppers. This is not your everyday food court setting!


And you can find all manner of stores and spots to eat inside.



There’s even an art gallery within the space. (Of course, the history of Spongebob always packs ’em in.)


And here’s an art installation. Don’t judge! It’s art, after all.


Is this place cool or what? Check out this video for a closer look inside:

h/t: Insider