6 Signs That You Love Your Cat More Than Life Itself

From the day you first laid eyes on your cat, you knew that it was love. More than just a pet, your furry pal has secured their spot as a member of your family (and tops your BFF list). Here’s 6 signs that the love you have for your cat has turned into an obsession and beyond.

1. Your Cat Has Taken Over Your Social Media Accounts

The only snaps you send on Snapchat are either a selfie of you with your cat – or even better – a funny video of your cat’s daily shenanigans, like when they get into the sock drawer. Your Facebook posts have documented your journey with your furry pal since birth, and you have no intentions of stopping.

BONUS: You’ve made an Instagram account specifically for your cat, that “they” post on regularly.

2. Your Consider Your Cat To Be Your Child

Saying your cat is spoiled is probably an understatement. You give your fluff-ball the highest quality food, a questionable amount of toys and scratch posts, and they always get to pick where they sit on the couch. (And you won’t move them if they’re in your spot.)

BONUS: You call yourself mom or dad when you’re talking to your furry pal, and have uttered phrases such as: “Come here Snickers, sit on momma’s lap!” (In your baby talk voice, of course.)

3. You Don’t Mind Your Cat’s Independence

By now you know your cat’s needs and quirks. You don’t get offended when your cat doesn’t want to be pet because you know that he or she just needs some “me-time.” Understandable, we’ve all been there.

BONUS: You’ve got your cat’s routine memorized. You know their quirks, like when your cat meows at the window during storms or hides under the bed when guests come over.

4. Your Cat’s Milestones Are Your Milestones

Your cat has finally responded to his or her name and you’re thrilled. Your cat has finally mastered the concept of the litter box and you want to tell everyone. These may not seem like big accomplishments to your friends who don’t have cats, but for you, they’re day-makers.

BONUS: If anybody has ever asked how you’re doing, and you proceed to tell them about your cat’s accomplishments before your own.

5. You Celebrate Their Birthday And Anniversary

You know your cat’s birthday and the anniversary of the day you first become their owner. Not only do you know these dates, but you make an ordeal out of them – even if your cat has no clue what’s going on.

BONUS: You throw a party for one or both of these occasions, and you may or may not buy your fluff-ball a new outfit for the special day. (Even if you know it won’t stay on for very long.)

6. Your Cat Is Your Best Friend

If you’re having a bad day or you just need to talk to someone about something, your cat is the first person – er, animal – that you go to. Your cat listens. Your cat understands. And even if your cat doesn’t show it all the time, you know that he loves you.

BONUS: You use your cat as an excuse to either get out of going somewhere, or to at least leave early.

Photo by aymen_bet