This Simple Bracelet Could Help Stop Shark Attacks

If the fear of a shark attack has kept you from swimming or surfing in the ocean, you are not alone. With shark attacks on the rise, it’s a logical fear.

For surfers and other ocean-lovers who spend lots of time in the water, protecting themselves against a shark bite is a mix of common sense (staying out of waters where sharks have recently been spotted, for example) and best practices (don’t wear shiny jewelry or watches that gleam like fish gills).

And now a company called SharkBanz is adding another layer of protection for surfers and swimmers. SharkBanz are bracelets that can be worn on wrists and ankles, and that work by emitting magnetic waves that deter sharks. The technology behind these bands, which look similar to a Fitbit, is pretty amazing. Sharks have seven senses (vs. our human five), including the ability to tap into electromagnetic fields, a skill that is used for evaluating the distance and type of their potential prey.


SharkBanz’ magnetic output “stuns” sharks in a manner similar to the way a bright light causes us to shield our eyes. The technology was formulated to be particularly effective on bull sharks, who are some of the biggest threats to humans given their “aggressive nature and nearshore habitat.”

The company filmed a video demonstrating the bracelet’s effectiveness. In the video, a sock filled with fresh fish meat is attached to a dummy on a surfboard. While wearing the SharkBanz, bull sharks approach but turn away before even attempting a nibble. Check it out, and get yours before your next ocean dip for $65 on