6 Tips And Tricks to (Finally!) Get Your Kids’ Closets Organized

If you have children, then you have an endless supply of joy, laughter and clutter. How can such tiny people require so much stuff? Whether you have tots, teens or little ones in between, if their clothes and toys are a muddled mess these clever hacks will help you organize your kids’ closets quickly, easily and permanently.

1. Bins And Baskets

Available in an array of colors, materials and sizes, baskets and bins are an essential organizing tool. Set them on closet shelves, place them on the floor or even hang them on the wall.  Stash everything from clothing to shoes to toys and accessories inside.

Pixabay | Alexas_Fotos

2. Color Code Your Kids

If your kids share closet space, assigning each child a color saves time and bickering. Color code everything from hangers to bins and baskets to laundry bags so that you always know whose is whose.

colorful hangers photo
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3. Labels Are A Must

When you label bins, racks, shelves and other closet organization areas, you remove the guesswork (and kids’ excuses for not putting things away because they aren’t sure where they go). Hang labels on baskets, stick labels to drawers and even use picture labels for little ones who can’t read yet.

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4. Don’t Forget The Door

If you are short on space, put the closet door to work as well. Install hooks to hold backpacks, jackets and other daily necessities. Over-the-door shoe hangers can hold footwear or other items, such as accessories, toys or kids’ craft items.

shoe organizer

5. Use The Freezer Bag Method

Make mornings more manageable with the help of some large zip-top baggies. Label a bag for each day of the week and, on Sundays, tuck one day’s worth of socks, underwear and accessories in each baggie. Hang them on a hook on the door and the kiddos are set for the week.

clothes bags
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6. Double Up

Look for ways to maximize the space you have. Hang rods at varying heights. Place small shelving units in a corner. You can even use soda can tabs to hook one hanger to another, doubling the space available.

closet rods photo
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Now that you have the kids’ closets under control, you can move on to organizing their bedrooms. We know, we know. It never ends!

[h/t: Passion for Savings]