8 ridiculously simple tricks to get your outdoor space summer-ready


After surviving a long winter, there’s nothing like slipping on some flip flops (finally!) and getting outside to enjoy the warm weather.

But what if your outdoor space isn’t quite as summer-ready as you are? It can be overwhelming to know where to start — especially if you have company coming over.

Save time and sweat with these super simple tricks that’ll help you get your outdoor space in shape in no time.

1. Bring The Inside Outside

Outdoor rugs are all the rage—and for good reason! Adding a colorful rug to a patio or deck helps the space feel instantly more polished.


allen + roth navy indoor/outdoor Moroccan area rug, $168

Likewise, outdoor throw pillows are a great way to dress up your patio furniture while offering that additional level of comfort to guests.


Garden Treasures Blue Bird decorative pillow, $15

2. Color Is Key

Color is a fantastic way to distract from any potential eyesores in your yard.

Got a section of grass that never grows in as well as you want it to? Set up a few brightly colored Adirondack chairs and you’ve created a cozy conversation spot. Take it a step further and put down an indoor-outdoor rug first to really set the sitting area apart.

(Putting down an outdoor rug is also a great way to set up a space for babies and toddlers who aren’t walking yet — just don’t forget to roll it up after your party or you’ll kill the grass underneath!)


Adams Adirondack chair, $16 (marked down from $18; deal runs May 23-30)

Decorating with flowers is another way to infuse color into your outdoor space and hide any pain points. Draw attention away from the projects that will require more time this summer — like a fence in need of repair or a home that needs a fresh coat of paint — with flower baskets. We promise no one will see the eyesore, they’ll only see your beautiful flora!

Here’s a perfect excuse to stock up: From May 24-30, Lowe’s is offering two hanging baskets for $10.


3. Remember: Mulch Is Your Best Friend

Adding mulch to your flower beds is a win-win. Not only is the ground cover good for retaining moisture in your beds, a layer of mulch is an easy way to make your entire yard feel more finished.


Premium Hardwood Mulch, five bags for $10 (deal runs May 23-30)

Bonus tip: After you’ve mulched, take photos of your home’s exterior all dolled up and tuck them away for later. If you ever sell your house (especially in the winter), you’ll have gorgeous photos that showcase how wonderful your house is.

4. Get A New Grill

Nothing detracts from your yard like a rusty, dilapidated grill. Memorial Day sales often include great deals on grills, and this year is no exception.

Lowe’s is offering up to 15 percent off all Char-Broil commercial grills. Additionally, this popular Char-Broil Black and Stainless Steel 4-Burner Gas Grill is only $149. (Deal runs from 5/23-5/30.)

If you’re more of a charcoal fan, Lowe’s has you covered with $10 off Kingsford charcoal – two bags for only $9.88. (Deal ends soon.)


Char-Broil Commercial Stainless/Black propane grill with side burner, $425 (Marked down from $499)

5. Lighting Goes A Long Way

Lighting lends warmth and sophistication to an outdoor space. Set up some outdoor lanterns or string up a set of bistro lights, and your space will be instantly more welcoming.


allen + roth indoor/outdoor lights, $19.98 (originally $29.93)

6. Upgrade Your Door

A beat-up garage, patio, front or back door can easily detract from an otherwise beautiful outdoor space. It’s surprising how much a new door can provide an overall facelift for your entire home.

Lowe’s is having a sale on custom doors (and windows!), making it a great time to buy. Get 20 percent off between May 23 and June 5.


Looking for a cheaper fix? Try adding a coat of paint to your existing door until you’re ready to invest in a new one. Just be sure to buy the right kind of paint, and you’ll be good to go.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Old And New

As it goes with many home projects, a few polished pieces can help lift the overall look of your space.

Maybe you can’t swing a whole new patio set right now. Upgrading your table and tossing some throw pillows on your old chairs is an easy, more affordable work-around. Or consider investing in a bright, new umbrella and save your furniture upgrades for another time.


Garden Treasures Pagosa Springs steel table, $50

8. Invest In A Pressure Washer

Nothing says summer-ready like clean, cobweb-free patio furniture and a bright, freshly pressure-washed patio or deck. A pressure washer can be used to clean everything from outdoor furniture to your sidewalk, fence, deck, driveway and the countless other items you’ll find yourself washing once it’s in your hand!

Lowe’s has this one from Greenworks on sale for as low as $79 (the deal runs from May 23 – 30), which is a steal.


Transforming your yard to be summer-ready can be costly and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow a few of these tips and then bring on those backyard barbecues!

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