‘Simply Small’ Bread Loaves Are For People Who Want Just A Few Slices Of Bread

My favorite breakfasts revolve around toast.

Avocado toast. Over-medium eggs on top of toast. Strawberry jam and toast.

This is my carb-loaded confession.

But as a toast-lover — who also loves a good veggie and hummus sandwich at lunch and likes to sop up broth and sauces with bread come dinnertime — even I have a tough time mowing through an entire loaf of bread on my own.


The solution: Bread for single people.

Breadmakers Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat are making “Simply Small” loaves with 10 slices of bread. The mini loaves come in honey oat or white.

The website offers this empathetic pitch: “No matter how much you love bread, sometimes getting through a full loaf can be daunting. Simply Small loaves from Arnold come with 10 slices, making it simple to enjoy all of the taste, with none of the waste.”

A press release from the breadmakers’ parent company, Bimbo Bakeries USA, points out that 28% of U.S. households are single-person households, and that’s the fastest-growing household size in the United States.

The current state of the bread aisle, though, is loaded with larger loaves and marketed to bigger families.

bread photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

“We are very excited to finally be able to cater toward the growing single-person household demographic,” said Diana Kattan, Associate Brand Manager of Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat Bread, in a news release.

“We’re hopeful that our new Simply Small product line not only brings consumers back to the bread aisle, but helps to alleviate some of the waste in today’s food industry,” Kattan continued.

In the United States, it’s estimated that we waste as much as 30-40% of the food supply, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

Yikes, right?

The Simply Small loaves are now available at major retailers on the east and west coasts with a suggested retail price of $2.49 a loaf, according to the news release.

Of course, another solution that I swear by for preserving bread: Freeze it! While packaged bread may only last up to a week in your pantry, you can extend it to six months when you put it in the freezer.