Guy Builds Organ Out Of Furbies And It’s Equal Parts Terrifying, Awesome

OK, maybe it leans slightly more toward terrifying.

Remember the Furby craze? Of course you do.

Once upon a time in the late ’90s, this robotic owl-like creature was on top of every kid’s toy wish list. The Furby was a strange combination of creepy and cute. A creative hacker/musician named Sam Battle has resurrected the Furby for a Frankenstein-like beast that has become a YouTube sensation.

Battle decided to build an organ made of singing Furbies. If it sounds like the stuff of nightmares, you’re right. But it’s also oddly compelling, just like the Furby itself! Check out his bizarre creation in the video below:

OK, when all the Furbies “wake up” at once, it’s a little terrifying, but then when Battle actually begins to play a song with the Furbies singing along (about the 2:48 mark), it’s kind of amazing! All the wires in the back of the organ show that this unique creation was no easy feat.

In the video, Battle says that the 44 Furbies that are part of his organ have been “extensively modified using the fully patent void formant Furby fusion synthesis brain modification surgery procedure.” The video, which debuted on Feb. 11, has been viewed more than 2.5 million times!

furby photo
Flickr | danbri

Battle, the man behind the video, creates under the name Look Mum No Computer, which he started after being dropped from a record label for the third time. And his other creations are no less impressive than the Furby Organ. For example, take a look at how he turned an old television into an oscillograph, a type of electronic test instrument:

He’s like a mad scientist! A homemade Etch A Sketch is definitely something I’d never thought I’d see. If you would like to support Battle’s work you can do so through his Patreon page. In return, you’ll receive songs, sample packs, giveaways, livestreams and other bonuses. He is also accepting donations that can be used for future projects, such as old electronics, toys, computers and musical instruments.

Whatever he comes up with next, I’m sure it will be creepily delightful!