Single Daughters Take Wedding Pictures With Dad Who Has Alzheimer’s

It might seem somewhat strange that two single women would take wedding photos with their father—but when the father in question has Alzheimer’s, it makes perfect sense.

Twins Sarah and Becca Duncan knew that they may not get to spend their actual wedding days with their father, Scott, so they decided to jump the gun and take wedding pictures with him now.

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In 2013, Scott Duncan, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Now, at the age of 80, his symptoms have worsened. With the knowledge that their time with Scott might be limited, the sisters had the idea to stage a wedding photo shoot in their home state of Texas (despite the total lack of wedding plans in the works, as the 23-year-olds are single) so their father could be part of those memories no matter what.

Photographer and family friend Lindsey Rabon was enlisted to capture the special day.

“I loved the idea from the second they pitched it,” Rabon told The Huffington Post in an interview. “This was definitely a first for me. I’ve worked with families who are dealing with terminal illness, but this idea was so creative and unique and definitely something the girls will treasure for a long time.”

Lindsey Rabon

Wearing donated wedding gowns, the twins were able to experience semi-traditional “wedding day” happiness with their father. Though Rabon says Scott wasn’t totally sure what was happening, they were able to coax some smiles out of him in the end.

Lindsey Rabon

No, we’re not crying… someone was just chopping onions nearby.

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