Single Mom Dresses As A Dad To Take Son To ‘Donuts With Dad’ At School

This amazing mom goes above and beyond for her son.

A single mom from Texas has schooled us all on how to take charge in a could-be awkward situation—and to find humor in the process.

Yevette Vasquez and her son, Elijah, pulled up to his school for drop-off recently and noticed an unusually large number of cars in the parking lot.

When Elijah told his mom it was “Donuts with Dad” day at school, Yevette’s supermom powers quickly kicked into gear. She headed back home to find her best “dad” get up, then returned to school wearing a baseball cap, plaid shirt, fake mustache and even a dash of cologne—to make sure her son didn’t miss out on the event.

She shared her sweet story on Facebook.

Since then, Yevette has received an outpouring of support for her clever disguise and spot-on mothering instincts.

Mom doughnut with dad2
Yevette Vasquez/Facebook

Her post has since gone viral, with nearly 6,000 shares and coverage from a number of news outlets, from TODAY to CNN. The outpouring of support may be due in large part to the huge smile on Elijah’s face and Yevette’s ability to find the funny.

“I don’t know you, but what I do know is your son’s face tells it all!” one commenter wrote. “He loves you and this was a great thing you did! He might not have it all but he has everything in you. You’re amazing.”

We couldn’t agree more.