Sisters who had their babies 20 minutes apart celebrate with a photo shoot one year later


Sisters Corey Struve Talbott and Katie Struve Morgan have always been close. They’re only one year and 10 months apart so, since they were little, they’ve done practically everything together. And that includes becoming pregnant.

“Three days before Christmas [2015] I was really late and she said ‘let’s get a pregnancy test,'” Talbott told Parents. “And it was positive. All of sudden she’s like ‘you’re going to die but I’m pregnant too. I was surprising you guys on Christmas Day.'”

So, yes, these sisters were pregnant at the same time and their delivery dates were only 10 days apart. But quite fittingly, they actually went into labor around the same time and delivered little girls on the same day, Aug. 11, just 20 minutes apart from each other.

Before the baby girls were born, the sisters had a maternity photo shoot together.

These sisters are absolutely glowing.

They’re lucky to have shared such an incredible time in their lives together. And now their little girls, Indie and Ryatt, will get to grow up doing the same.

“Everything we do is together. Even just everyday stuff. It’s been really nice to have the support. You can call your sister for anything, but it’s so much better having babies that are basically twins together,” Talbott told Parents. “We say it’s magical all the time…We just believe we get to do this together.”

Here they all are, one year later:

Perhaps the craziest part of all is the fact that the sisters also shared the same doctor (of course), so delivering these babies—this close together—meant the doctor had to be quick.

The doctor’s shuffle was actually caught on camera.

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So much excitement for one day! Can you imagine how happy these families are? Seriously—what are the chances that they’d give birth this closely together?

I’m sure they wouldn’t have had it any other way!


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