The ‘Sixteen Candles’ House Is For Sale, Making Your ’80s Dreams Come True


The house where we met Samantha Baker, Long Duck Dong and the rest of the cast of characters from the 1984 classic “Sixteen Candles” is on the market.

First it was the house from “Full House,” then the “Father of the Bride” house, and now the house from “Sixteen Candles” is for sale. Talk about a blast from the past with this one, huh?

While in the movie it was home to Molly Ringwald, it’s time for you to call it home — if you have $1.499 million lying around, that is. Living in a hit ‘80s movie mansion doesn’t come cheap, after all.

It’s not just the movie that makes this home appealing. According to the Chicago Tribune, the current owners paid $1.25 million for the house in 2006 and have since updated the kitchen and baths and added an outdoor terrace in the backyard.

It’s situated in Evanston, Illinois (near Chicago) and has six bedrooms and five baths, so you can go ahead and blow out those candles now. All sixteen of ’em. Your dream home has been found!

How’d you like for this to be your new entryway?


And doesn’t that staircase look familiar?

Universal Pictures

It’s got a nice, spacious living area. Perfect for sitting back and watching Sixteen Candles in.


Here’s how the living room looked when Sam and her dad had their late-night heart-to-heart about Jake Ryan.

Universal Pictures

This kitchen is gorgeous.


And the bedrooms aren’t too shabby, either.


But, it’s worth buying for this outdoor terrace alone, if you ask me.


Head on over to the @properties website for even more info about the property.

[h/t: Real Simple]

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