Skateboarder Tony Hawk Keeps Tweeting When People Don’t Recognize Him And It’s A Riot

Despite being quite possibly the most well-known professional skateboarder in history, Tony Hawk says he often goes undetected while out and about. In fact, people will recognize his name but not realize they’re speaking to the Tony Hawk. He’s been taking to social media to joke about these encounters, and his thoughts on the matter are pretty hilarious.

For those who are already scratching their head, Hawk was recognized as the best competitive skateboarder in the world by the tender age of 16 and eventually launched his own skateboard company, Birdhouse Projects. He later started a children’s skate clothing company, Hawk Clothing, and scored a number of endorsement deals.

In 1999, he created the wildly popular Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game franchise. He retired from competition after a spectacular performance at the 1999 X Games but continues to skate for fun and in demonstrations and exhibitions worldwide. He has also appeared in television shows and movies.

tony hawk photo
Getty Images | Gareth Cattermole

Because of his impressive career, people often recognize his name but still don’t fully realize it’s him.

Last year, for example, a TSA agent remarked on Hawk’s last name when checking his ID and wondered aloud what Tony Hawk the pro skateboarder is up to these days. Hawk’s response? “This.”

Too funny! More recently, an agent mistook him for cyclist Lance Armstrong before saying that he looked more like Tony Hawk, even marveling at the fact that they “have the same last name,” but still failing to realize that he was Tony Hawk:

Another time, a woman cut him off while boarding a plane only to watch him in “Parental Guidance” during the flight:

Another man at the grocery store caught himself and realized that he was in presence of Tony Hawk and not just a lookalike:

Some people doubt his talent, but Hawk’s still able to laugh at himself:

Do you think you’d recognize Hawk in the flesh? As a reminder, this is what he looks like.

tony hawk photo
Getty Images | David Livingston

Make sure to say hello if you run into him!

[h/t: BuzzFeed]