Skinny Vodka Popsicles Are Back At Costco Just In Time For Summer

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One of the best parts about summer as a kid is running to the ice cream truck for a frozen treat to help cool you down. But just like trick-or-treating at Halloween, there are some things we probably shouldn’t do as adults — ice cream truck included.

This doesn’t mean that your summer won’t be fun, though, because one of the best parts of being an adult is that we can add booze to our frozen treats. From boozy milkshakes to popsicles and more, mixing your favorite spirit into a dessert is even better than listening for that familiar ice cream truck jingle.

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Now, Costco is making it even easier to get boozy treats this summer with the return of Slim Chillers Skinny Freezers vodka ice pops. Just like the popsicles you likely enjoyed as a kid, these vodka ice pops come in a plastic sleeve and in a variety of colors, but are obviously better because, well, vodka!

And there’s more because, well, wine! Instagrammer @thecostcoconnoisseur spotted Slim Chillers wine freezers on Costco’s shelves in late April — so the company has expanded their lineup. Their wine cocktails come in four flavors: orangeberry mimosa, blackberry pomegranate sangria, strawberry grapefruit rossini and peach mango bellini:

As for the vodka pops, you’ll find them in four original flavors: cosmopolitan, watermelon lemonade, appletini and lemon drop:

But this summer, Slim Chillers also has some new flavors out: guavaberry, pear lemondrop, raspberry lemonade and blueberry citrus:

The pops are 8% ABV and 100 calories each, so you can enjoy them and keep working on that summer bod.

While Costco does not list them on their website, Slim Chillers says they are available at the warehouse club. One of their Instagram posts indicates that they’re available at some Sam’s Club locations as well.

You can search for a store that sells them on Slim Chillers’ website, or order a variety pack for delivery through Rancho Liquor.

You can also try whipping up some boozy popsicles yourself.

This recipe for Jack and Coke popsicles from Boulder Locavore is sure to help you beat the summer heat, and they super easy to make.

All you need are some popsicle molds, Jack Daniels whiskey and Coke. You’ll want to freeze them for at least a few hours, if not overnight. You could also use rum if you like that better, and swap in Pepsi if you’re not a Coke fan.

Want some colorful pops to brighten up your summer barbeque? Boulder Locavore also suggests whipping up these for Blue Lagoon Cocktail popsicles. With their blue and red coloring, they would be perfect to serve on the Fourth of July — and you can even make a mocktail option if you want to make them kid-friendly.

If you prefer a creamier boozy popsicle, you will love these spiced rum horchata pops. They’re dairy-free and seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla.

What about something a little lighter? Nothing could possibly be more fun and festive than champagne popsicles. This recipe from Cooking With Janica uses champagne, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and edible flowers to make frozen treats that are as beautiful as they are tasty.

What is your favorite boozy treat?

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