This skinny white chicken enchiladas recipe will be your family’s new favorite dinner

If you’re trying to eat healthy, we’re willing to bet grilled chicken and steamed veggies are on heavy rotation in your kitchen. And, we’ll even go double or nothing here: You’re probably craving something with a little more flavor, right?

Turn your attention to this “skinny enchilada” recipe, courtesy of Skinny Ms., a website filled with nutritious recipes, weight-loss articles and tips, fitness workouts and everything else you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you never thought “skinny” and “enchilada” could could appear in the same sentence, and live together in harmony, hear us out. The recipe is bulked up with healthy fillings like protein-packed shredded chicken breasts and diced green chiles. It’s no rumor, green chiles can help ignite your metabolism, thanks to the capsaicin, which is the compound that makes chiles spicy.

Of course, there’s still cheese and sour cream in these white chicken enchiladas, but the recipe calls for low-fat versions of those ingredients. The enchiladas get spiced up with cumin and chili powder and then wrapped in whole wheat tortillas.

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“We’ve lowered the fat content without sacrificing that rich texture that makes creamy enchiladas so great!” the site boasts.

In all, these enchiladas are 316 calories each. Nada lotta’ for an enchilada, eh?

Craving more?

If you love enchiladas so much you wish they were in your weekly meal rotation, but are on a calorie budget, we’ve got you covered like melty cheese on a tortilla. Hey, if #TacoTuesday is a thing, #EnchiladaEveryday can aspire to be a hashtag, too.

Check out these chicken and white bean enchiladas with creamy salsa verde from Skinnytaste. Garnished with jalapenos and cilantro, these beauties are just 231 calories per enchilada.


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How Sweet It Is

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Screen shot 2016-05-18 at 11.18.12 PM
Chocolate Salad

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