Skittles has a new all-lime pack for citrus lovers

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If you’re a Skittles fan, you likely noticed in 2013 when the brand replaced their classic lime flavor with green apple, causing a bit of an uproar in the Skittles fan community.

Fans have been asking for the return since then, and now, Skittles is re-committing to the citrus-flavored candies in a big way. Beginning this summer, you will be able to buy packages of All Lime Skittles!

Exactly as it sounds, instead of the classic five fruity flavors, the limited-edition Skittles All Lime packs will feature just the lime-flavored candies.


A Mars Wrigley representative tells Simplemost that Skittles did bring lime back in the summer of 2017 as part of a Long Lost Lime pack with lime temporarily replacing green apple, but the All Lime variety is the first time the brand has created a pack filled with only one flavor.

It is not, however, the first time Skittles has given the classic flavors a shake-up. Over the years, we’ve seen smoothiesour and a “Rotten Zombie” Skittle for Halloween. They’ve also released Spicy Skittles, yogurt-covered Skittles and a Valentine’s Day flavor pack that included strawberry, cherry, watermelon, “Yumberry” and white grape.

In 2019, they launched an all-white pack in honor of Pride Month to make a statement about LGBTQ equality. Unlike the new lime pack, even though the Skittles were all white, they were still the same original flavors.


The most recent new offering from Skittles (prior to the all-lime pack) was actually not a Skittle at all, but a gummy treat. The brand’s new gummy candies come in Original and Wild Berry flavors, with Original having the five traditional Skittle flavors (strawberry, green apple, lemon, orange and grape), and the Wild Berry coming with berry punch, strawberry, melon berry, wild cherry and raspberry.

The gummies mark the first time Skittles were made in gummy form in the U.S., though the actual Skittles candy can be definitely be described as “chewy.”

Mars, Inc

Are you excited for the return of lime-flavored Skittles?