Skittles Melting Into Rainbow Soup Is The Coolest Thing We’ve Watched In A Long While

Could your mood use a boost today? Luckily there is a video involving Skittles and hot water that will amaze you in less than a minute.

Take 38 seconds today and watch this video of a circle of Skittles turning into a rainbow with the help of hot water. You’ll find yourself mesmerized by the experience.

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The man behind the video, Dexter See, is on a whole other level of DIY skills. He carefully placed the Skittles in a circle on a plate, then poured hot water on top to make this truly beautiful, flowing rainbow.

You know you want to watch the video again! The best comment under the short video is by viewer Yodikgothiv who said: “When the colors finally touched I felt happiness.” We are with you, Yodikgothiv, we’re with you.

At the end, you will smile and be able to continue on throughout the day. Now it’s time to do two things.

1. Share this video with anyone who needs a quick pick-me-up today.

2. Try the DIY task with your own pack of Skittles. Simply place skittles close together in a circle on a plate. Heat water to just before boiling and slowly pour it onto the plate. Then, voila! Wait for the magic to happen.

Hopefully your Skittle rainbow comes out just as great. Another YouTuber, Taras Kul, tried the trick and produced a similar effect. His rainbow looked more swirly and less precise than the original video because, as he said, he poured the water a little too quickly. It still looks pretty cool!

Who says playing with candy and documenting it can’t be fun? No one, I tell you. No one!

[h/t Hello Giggles]

Photo by Paehder