Slice-And-Bake Cinnamon Bun Cookies Are Almost Too Perfect To Eat

The holidays are over and your healthy eating resolutions probably are, too, so why not settle in, chill out and dish up a dessert that combines two of your favorite things. Like Oreo cheesecake cookies. Or red velvet sugar cookies. Or how about some cinnamon roll cookies?

Hope you’re about to get snowed in at home because Life Made Simple’s recipe for this tasty combo calls for chilling the dough thoroughly twice. It’s worth the wait, blogger Natalie says, because a chilled dough is crucial for creating the perfectly sliced rolls that make these cookies look like the pastry.

One more important tip from her recipe: Don’t skip the step of browning the butter for the cinnamon swirl, because that’s what makes this a stand-out cookie for taste as well as cuteness … I mean, just look at the icing drizzle. (Why are cookies masquerading as mini cinnamon rolls so darned cute?)

Life Made Simple

The recipe for cinnamon roll cookies at Sally’s Baking Addiction points out that the cookies themselves are standard sugar cookies, so if you’re good at whipping those up quickly, this recipe will be a fast one for you, too. Once again, you’ll roll out your dough and cover it in a cinnamon spread before rolling the whole thing up into a tube, then slicing up your perfect little cinnamon rolls.

Sally has a video of the cookies on her YouTube channel that will give you a speedy idea of what’s involved:

Wanna Come With’s recipe for cinnamon bun cookies calls for a bit of orange zest, which should make these cookies sing with flavor. The post about these yummy treats includes some helpful hints for rolling the dough and cinnamon mixture into a perfect pinwheel for slicing.

Wanna Come With?