The Sloth Institute Is An Orphanage For Baby Sloths

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When it comes to baby animals, there is no denying the adorableness of a little sloth. As we much as we find these little creatures cute, it turns out that humans don’t know all that much about sloths’ biology, ecology and social habits. So when Sam Trull realized this lack of scientific knowledge, along with her love for the animals, she co-founded The Sloth Institute in Costa Rica, a sloth orphanage that focuses on sloth research, conservation and rehabilitation.

At The Sloth Institute, Trull (pictured below) and her team help abandoned and injured sloths be nursed back to health so they can then be released back into the wild. Visitors are not allowed, as it is in the best interest of the animals to have as little human contact as possible. In addition to rehabilitation, The Sloth Institute also spends time researching captive and wild sloths, collaborating with other institutions around the world, and working to educate the public on accurate information about the creatures.

In addition to founding The Sloth Institute, founder Trull released her first book “Slothlove,” which is filled with photographs and stories of the many sloths she has helped nurture back to health.