This $12 travel alarm can help keep your hotel room secure

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There are a growing number of threats to worry about while you’re on the road. However real the threats may be, paranoia and fear shouldn’t keep you home on your couch. There are plenty of simple things you can do to stay safe wherever you may go. One effective security system is a device that’s roughly the size of a smartphone.

Previously a flight attendant insider secret, the Lewis N. Clark Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm can protect your stuff no matter what your frequent flyer status is.

The Belle Hop device connects to any door or window. It houses a motion sensor that triggers the alarm when someone tries to enter. As a result, it will alert you of any intruder or attempted intrusion with a very loud noise.


The alarm is easy to set up. According to the Lewis N. Clark website, you simply hold two thin blades together and slide them between the door and doorframe. Then, you loop the cord around the handle to secure it and set the alarm. According to Lewis N. Clark, the alarm’s volume is 91 decibels, which is almost as loud as a lawn mower.

The device also includes a built-in LED flashlight. The whole thing runs on two CR2032 lithium button cell batteries, which are included.

The gadget sells for $12 at Amazon and $10.99 at The Flight Attendant Shop. It will fit easily into any suitcase or purse.

Lewis N. Clark

Other Ways To Stay Safe

You can also ensure you book the safest room from the start. Opting for a higher floor will generally keep belongings more secure. In fact, Thieves often target the first and second floors. In general, hotels are safer than motels, as any property with a lobby and staff more often deters thieves.

How do you keep yourself and your belongings safe during trips?