You can now buy a smart feeder designed specifically for hummingbirds


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If you enjoy watching the birds in your yard, chances are you’ve heard of the Bird Buddy smart feeder, a bird feeder and camera combination that allows you to get a closer look at the winged species that visit your home.

Now, the company has launched two new ways to enjoy your backyard birds: a hummingbird feeder and bird bath. While the bird bath will capture a wide range of birds (and any other creatures that need a drink or bath), the hummingbird feeder is specially designed to capture the fast-flying hummingbird, which can be difficult to capture on camera — and sometimes even see with your own eyes.

Both the feeder and bath work in the same way, allowing you to watch birds in real time once you receive a notification letting you know a feathered friend has arrived. You can also record videos to watch later and take photos to share with friends and family. They each have a camera that captures 5-megapixel photos, HD video and a 120-degree field of view and has built-in microphones.

The cameras even have Al technology that recognizes more than 700 bird species so you can learn about your visitors and even discover what they like to eat to make sure you’re purchasing the correct food for the birds you want to attract.

Kickstarter/Bird Buddy

The hummingbird feeder is built a bit differently than the bird bath and has an optional solar roof, which Bird Buddy says reduces the need for recharging. It is made with BPA-free recyclable materials that snap apart and comes with a metal hanger and cleaning brushes.

The bird bath also has an optional solar roof and pump, which charge the camera and keeps the water in the bath moving to not only attract birds and other critters, but also help reduce algae growth.

Both products are currently only available on Kickstarter and won’t be shipping until March 2024, but by ordering before they’re officially for sale, you’ll save 25%.

The hummingbird feeder will be priced at $235 at launch but you can get it for $174 now, while the bird bath will cost $249 but is available now for just $184. You can also get a bundle with both the hummingbird feeder and bird bath for $259, a savings of $90 from the future price of $349.

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Kickstarter/Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy is just one brand of smart feeder on the market, with a few others selling similar products on Amazon.

This Netvue Birdfy Lite feeder comes with the feeder and a camera for $199.99. The feeder sends real-time notifications via a phone app, has 1080P color night vision and can zoom in to see small details like the bird’s feathers. The feeder and camera are both waterproof and the feeder holds 1.5 liters of food, so you don’t need to refill it very often.


Another option is this Broaimx Smart Bird Feeder priced at $229.99. The feeder can identify 11,000 or more bird species and is clear, so the birds can see the food inside.

The camera can be controlled through your phone to capture pictures or record video, and it even has a two-way microphone so you can listen to the birds while watching them eat.


If you’re concerned about the $200 or so price tags on these smart feeders, they’re actually cheaper than a quality set of binoculars, which only allow you to watch birds in real time. For example, these Vortex Optics Diamondback HD Binoculars on Amazon are priced at $220.

You could also try setting up your own camera by a bird feeder, but be aware that it may not work as well and won’t be able to identify the species of the birds. Amazon has a two-pack of Blink outdoor, weather-resistant cameras for $179, or $89.50 each.

Have you considered purchasing a smart feeder so you can watch the birds in your yard?

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