‘Smart glasses’ offer new communication tool for deaf community

Young deaf woman signs in online video

People in the deaf community will soon have a new tool to help them communicate.

XRAI Glass announced it has developed “smart glasses” that convert speech into real-time closed captioning on the lenses.

The company is currently taking applications from people who want to test out the product.

“The trial period will last two months where the team will continuously listen and learn from its users, expanding the AI capabilities and intuitive properties of the software to provide the very best service,” the company said.

The company plans a wider rollout in the coming months.

“As a profoundly deaf person myself, I was blown away by this technology. When I tried on the glasses, I was astonished – real-time subtitles that enable you to engage and participate as never before,” said Steve Crump, founder and chair of DeafKidz International.

By Scripps National

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