Why Smart Women Have A Harder Time Finding Men

Most intelligent women hear it all the time: Oh, you’re too good for most men — you’ll find a good one soon. But after some time, these sayings start to feel more like excuses than truths. However, as it turns out, smarter women really do have a harder time finding a man.

A study from the University of Buffalo found that when men believed a woman outperformed them on a test, they rated her as less attractive and showed less interest in planning a future date with her. Curiously, men stated that, in theory, a woman who outperformed them in math or English would be a desirable long-term partner. When actually faced with such a woman, however, they rated her as less attractive and expressed less of a desire to plan a date with her. Follow-up studies showed that men find women’s competence a threat to their masculinity, which could explain why many smart women are still riding solo.

Luckily, although this is the case for the average man, this isn’t the case for everyone, so smart ladies, do not fear. Don’t feel like you have to hide your intelligence to get yourself a date — the right man is out there, and he’ll want you, high test scores and all.