This bed makes itself with the push of a button

Many people say making the bed is the first thing you should do in the morning. But when you’re groggy and in need of a cup of coffee, it doesn’t sound so appealing.

What if your bed could make itself?

A company called Smartduvet is automating the bed-making process so your morning is smooth, easy and extra neat. The Smartduvet Breeze is scheduled to come out this summer, but the company is taking pre-orders now.

The best part? You don’t have to buy a new bed, just the techy duvet.

Double the relief

The Smartduvet Breeze comes with two main functions: temperature control and timed bed-making. If you share a bed, each person can make his or her own selections for temperature. You can also pre-determine what time the bed should be made in the morning. And, hey, you may want to schedule the bed-making for after you leave the house for work, since research has shown dust mites love making themselves at home inside your warm sheets.

You can easily manipulate the bed-making and temperature-setting controls from an app on your smartphone. Smartduvet says it’s “the world’s first self-making bed with dual-zone climate control.”

The key to making it all work is the layer inside the duvet. According to a press release, “The technology makes use of a seamless, ultra light, inflatable sheet inserted between the duvet and duvet cover… When the bed making feature is activated, the device inflates the main air chamber lifting the duvet and top sheet back to their original position.”


The Smartduvet currently starts at $179:

  • Single: $179
  • Double: $179
  • Queen: $199
  • King: $199
  • California King: $209

Make sure to stop using the snooze button if you get one of these duvets. You don’t want to get tucked right back in and risk being too cozy to go to work!

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