New Smartphone Can ‘See’ Your BMI, Food’s Nutritional Info And More


Hold on—the future is fast approaching. Case in point? There’s a new smartphone that can see into an object and then give you the chemical breakdown of it.

Manufactured by a Chinese consumer electronics company called Changhong and called the “H2,” it’s fitted with a molecular sensor that’s designed to gather information about your body, food and drugs without any physical contact.

According to the company that developed the sensor, it can be used to scan:

  • The chemical makeup of drugs
  • Nutritional information in food, including calories, fat and carbs
  • A person’s body fat

This smartphone could be helpful for those with severe allergies. Instead of trusting the packaging that says “may contain peanuts,” the smartphone could tell you definitively if that product has peanuts in it or not. And pharmaceuticals could be monitored to make sure the correct dosage and drugs have been mixed.

Also, instead of trying to guess a cantaloupe’s quality, you can use the sensor to pick the best cantaloupe in the store. And then you can measure your body fat just from scanning your arm.

The Future of the H2

At the moment, it’s only available for consumers in China, but CNET reports that the H2 should be available in the states by late 2017. The Chinese version will cost around $433, but the U.S. price is expected to be higher.

And if you can’t wait for the smartphone release to own your own X-ray vision, you can buy the sensor on its own for $299.

[h/t: Forbes]


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