Spiked sparkling rosé seltzer in a can is here just in time for summer

If you’ve been longing to simultaneously enjoy your two favorite summertime refreshments — flavored seltzer and rosé wine — well, fret no more because Smirnoff is releasing a spiked sparkling seltzer in a raspberry rosé flavor that will satisfy all your summer drink cravings.

The bubbly beverage is sure to complement relaxing summer evenings as you’re sitting poolside, grilling hot dogs or watching the sunset from a beach house balcony. Since it comes in a can, it’s easy to tote along on summer trips, picnics or camping excursions.

As far as flavor, the drink blends raspberry fruit with the taste of crisp rosé wine that’s become so popular. Plus, it has the light and refreshing fizziness of seltzer. So, it’s basically all of your favorite beverages rolled into one.

Smirnoff/Lauren Volo

This portable cocktail is also light on calories, coming in at just 90 calories per can.

It’ll be available nationwide in mid-May with a suggested retail price of $8.99 for a six-pack. It’s got a 4.5 percent alcohol content, so please enjoy responsibly!

Until you can get your hands on the raspberry rosé seltzer, Smirnoff also has other flavors like watermelon, cranberry lime and berry lemonade. Or, pick up a variety pack and sample them all!