Smucker’s has a new ‘Unicorn’ Magic Shell that tastes just like cupcakes


If you’ve ever had a cone dipped in chocolate at Dairy Queen or poured some Magic Shell on your ice cream, you know how much fun (and tasty!) it is once the liquid layer hardens into delicious chocolate.

While Smucker’s has 30 ice cream toppings and three Magic Shell flavors already, they’ve just added another Magic Shell coating to their lineup and this one is, well, even more magical. Smucker’s new Unicorn Magic Shell ice cream topping is white cupcake-flavored and includes speckles of pink, blue and purple.

Just pour it over ice cream and it will freeze in seconds, forming an ice cream shell. Then, just break it with your spoon for a little bit of unicorn magic!

The new Magic Shell treat is available nationwide for around $2.49 per bottle, or you can get an eight-pack on Amazon, though it is currently unavailable. You can sign up for email alerts to find out when it will be back in stock.


Believe it or not, this is not the only unicorn-inspired ice cream treat you can get your hands on. Target and Walmart both sell unicorn ice cream and Walmart even has a unicorn ice cream cake with purple frosting, pink frosting swirls and multi-colored sprinkles on the outside and layers of cake batter ice cream and confetti cake inside.

Other unicorn-inspired treats on the market include unicorn frappe mix, a “Unicorn Farts” beer made with Fruity Pebbles, Caticorn cereal (which is a cat unicorn, FYI), unicorn-inspired baking chips from Nestle Toll House, “unicorn cakes” from Little Debbie and Unicorn Magic Snack Pack pudding cups — just to name a few.

You can even make your own unicorn-inspired treat, like this no-bake rainbow unicorn cake, this unicorn fudge or this unicorn cocktail, which is a whimsical adult beverage using Captain Morgan LocoNut coconut-flavored rum, coconut water and colorful add-ins like grenadine and Curacao liqueur.

Courtesy Captain Morgan

Are you a fan of unicorn-inspired treats?


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