Why Kraft-Heinz Wants To Make ‘Super Bowl Monday’ A Holiday

Our favorite food powerhouse, Kraft Heinz, wants to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday. They’re calling it Smunday, and when we’re all viciously hungover on February 6, I think we’ll agree with this noteworthy idea.

Kraft Heinz likes this idea so much, it’s putting it into action—at least for its own employees. This year, instead of airing pricey commercials during the Super Bowl, the company is putting that money elsewhere. All of Kraft Heinz’s salaried workers are getting the Monday after the game as a vacation day.


The company produced a video to get the public’s attention in discussing this vital idea. Kraft Heinz has also started a petition on Change.org to bring attention to Smunday. If enough people sign (it has to be more than 100,000), it will be delivered to Congress.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.44.06 AM

The company alleges that Smunday is important because, to them, Super Bowl Sunday is the best day of the year… immediately followed by the worst, aka the Monday after.

While we hate Mondays too, there’s something unsettling about being lectured by a person wearing a giant ketchup-bottle outfit. And can’t he give the mustard bottle a chance to speak? I was personally moved by the sad wiener dog in a hot dog costume though, to be honest.

According to a Kraft-Heinz Company spokesperson, thousands of employees will be able to enjoy their first-ever Smunday, but the company’s factories will still be operational on Monday. Watch the promotional video above and decide for yourself if Smunday is the right idea.

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