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You Can Now Get Snacks From Disney World Through This Subscription Service

Now you don't have to go to Disney to get your favorite snacks!

When a Walt Disney World vacation comes to an end, it’s common for vacationers to wish they could take some of the magic back home with them. And, sure, visitors can pick up souvenirs like t-shirts, home decor, and even Starbucks Disney Parks mugs. But something a lot of visitors particularly love about a Disney World trip is the food! Those special Mickey Mouse-shaped treats and delicious Dole Whip drinks have become a phenomenon that draws Disney fans to plan entire trips just to enjoy the food!

If you can’t plan a trip right now but are craving a Disney treat, then check out The subscription service brings the best of Disney World snacks and gifts to your door. Think of it as a magical, delicious delivery every month!

Boxney is not officially affiliated with Disney but has a staff who visit to the Orlando theme parks and surrounding area to purchase goodies for the monthly boxes. (Wouldn’t that job be awesome?) Boxney employees pull treats from the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs.

Each month, orders are reviewed before the new month’s box is packed to ensure limited repeats on specific snacks or gifts. Boxney does not allow for customization of what’s in the monthly shipment, adding to the element of surprise in each box. But isn’t that half the fun?

Customers can choose from three different boxes for the monthly subscription. Each one varies in size and the number of items packed inside.

Mini Goodie Box ($30/month, plus shipping)

Each mini goodie box has three to four items inside.


Original Goodie Box ($60/month, plus shipping)

With four to seven items in this box, it’s a fun mix of yummy snacks and a few souvenir surprises.


Premium Goodie Box ($110/month, plus shipping)

This box is perfect for the diehard Disney fan! The premium monthly box is stuffed full of 10 to 15 items of theme park treats!


(The Disney fan blog Inside The Magic did an “unboxing” of an Original Goodie Box sample, if you’d like to check out the inventory of a recent box!)

If you’re not ready to commit, Boxney does allow single box purchases for either yourself or a gift — which sounds like an amazing present for Disney fans in your life.

Boxney also offers select, limited edition boxes throughout the year for the holidays or other special events. Check their official website to get updates on themes and availability.