6 Sneaky Reasons You Always Seem To Be Hungry

When it comes to trying to eat well, limit portion sizes, and eat light and healthy foods, it seems like people often have a similar problem – they’re just so hungry! Being hungry a few times a day is normal, but if you find that you’re tummy is always rumbling and you want to eat food 24/7, something is probably up.

Just because you’re hungry all the time doesn’t need mean you constantly have to feed yourself, as a number of factors can trick your body into having false feelings of hunger. If you feel like you’re constantly craving food, and you’re not sure why, consider these six sneaky reasons you are always so hungry.

1. You’re Sleep Deprived

Getting only a few hours of sleep the night before can do more than just make you tired. Researchers from Uppsala University found that lack of sleep can cause increased levels of hunger, so make sure you’re getting those much needed z’s if you want to eat less throughout the day.

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2. You’re Stressed

Chronic levels of stress increase your production of the hormone cortisol, and cortisol increases your appetite. In addition to cortisol, stress also causes levels of ghrelin to go up, the hormone responsible for sending hunger signals to your brain.

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3. You Skimped On Breakfast

If you’re not eating a balanced breakfast filled with complex carbohydrates and protein, you may find yourself feeling hungrier throughout the day. Research from the University of Missouri found that people who ate a protein-filled breakfast experienced less food cravings and felt more satiated throughout the day, while another study from the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition found that people who ate a breakfast high in complex carbohydrates reported feeling more energy and fullness through the afternoon.

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4. You’re Thirsty

It is very common for people to misinterpret thirst for hunger, as the same part of the brain is responsible for interpreting the two signals. When you’re thirsty, your body becomes fatigued and looks for a quick source of energy, which is usually food. Try drinking a glass of water before eating, and gauge how you feel afterwards to see if you’re still hungry.

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5. You’re Looking At Social Media

All those pictures of people’s breakfasts and dinners make actually be making you more hungry. A study published in the journal Obesity found that just looking at pictures of food can increase your hunger hormones, so you may want to get off Instagram or Pinterest if you find yourself constantly famished.

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6. You Eat Too Much Sugar

Eating foods high in sugar causes your blood sugar levels to spike and drop drastically, and once it has dropped, it leaves you feeling hungry and craving energy. Studies from the Keck School Of Medicine of the University of Southern California found that people who had a drink sweetened with fructose caused people to feel hungrier and less satiated later on.

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