7 Sneaky Reasons You Feel Bloated All The Time

No one likes to look bloated, and in addition to having a hard time tightening up your skinny jeans, bloating can be physically uncomfortable as well — all that excess gas is definitely not fun.

Most people know that bloating can come from unhealthy restaurant food or eating junk food, but that isn’t the only reason you might feel puffed up.

Even if you eat at home and stay away from pizza and french fries, you may find yourself still suffering from an inflated tummy and gassy pains.

If you’re wondering why you still feel bloated all the time, consider these seven sneaky reasons for your stomach discomfort.

1. You Ate Too Fast

Tend to scarf down your food? This may leave you feeling bloated. When you eat quickly, you inhale a lot of air, and you also tend to eat overeat, since you aren’t waiting for satiety signals. Scarfing your food down can also lead to insufficient chewing, which can cause problems with digestion.

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2. You’re Dehydrated

It may seem counterintuitive to load up on water, but not drinking enough water can leave you bloated and uncomfortable.

When you are dehydrated, your body retains fluid, so drinking more can help reduce retention. Water can also help with constipation, another cause of bloating.

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3. You’re Stressed

Your bloating may be coming from something other than your food. Stress can affect your digestion and puts a lot of pressure on your stomach, which may be one reason you’re experiencing bloating.

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4. You’re Eating Too Many Sandwiches

Processed foods such as lunch meats are filled with sodium, and when you consume foods high in salt, your body holds on to more water, causing bloating. Look for fresher deli meats or opt for other low-sodium alternatives.

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5. You’re Eating Too Many Salads

Salads are filled with fiber — which is great — but eating a lot of vegetables can cause bloating for some people.

The more your body gets used to eating so many vegetables, the less this type of bloating occurs, but keep your meals balanced with other types of foods to avoid the discomfort.

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6. You’re Drinking Through A Straw

Drinking through a straw causes you to inhale a lot of air, and that excess inhalation can cause gas and bloating. Sip your drinks instead, or leave the straws for special occasions.

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7. You Eat Diet Foods

You might think you are eating healthier by opting for low-fat or low-calorie foods, but these options are often laden with added ingredients such as salt to compensate for flavor.

A diet too low in fat can also cause problems with digestion, as healthy fats aid in bowel movements.

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