Sneaky Toddler Adorably Steals Prince Harry’s Popcorn

A lot of people would be in awe if they got to meet royalty. It would be only natural to worry about your etiquette and try to make a good impression. That was not the case for 2-year-old Emily Henson when she found herself seated next to none other than Prince Harry at the Invictus Games in Toronto on Sept. 27.

The adorable toddler is the daughter of Prince Harry’s friend, Paralympian David Henson, according to the Telegraph. She brazenly and repeatedly stole handfuls of popcorn from the royal’s snack during a volleyball game.

Check out the awwww-inducing footage of the little girl’s sneaky trick:

Emily manages to snatch a few bites of popcorn while Prince Harry is busy talking to the man seated next to him. The girl’s mom, Hayley, can be seen surreptitiously smiling and laughing at her daughter’s antics.

When Prince Harry finally catches on, he responds in good fun and feeds Emily a piece of popcorn. To the toddler’s delight, the prince goes on to playfully tease and make funny faces at her. Too cute!

The heart-melting video soon went viral, and people on Twitter were bowled over by the cheeky little girl’s stunt and the prince’s utterly charming response:

Like this guy who declared it the “cutest thing you’ll see this evening”:

And this woman who just couldn’t get enough of the interaction:

Or this woman who knows that only a little girl with adorable, chubby cheeks like Emily could pull off stealing from a royal:

Or this woman who’s convinced that the silly faces Prince Harry made at the girl means he has babies on the brain:

She may be onto something. Appearing on “Good Morning America” last year, Prince Harry had this to say about becoming a dad:

“I can’t wait for the day. So, you know, it will be fantastic. I’ve got a kid inside of me. I want to keep that. I adore kids. I enjoy everything that they bring to the party. They just say what they think.”

We can’t wait either!

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And, major kudos to Prince Harry for his work with and support of the Invictus Games, overall. You can clearly see his heart is with these brave soldiers who sacrificed so much in service.