This Yummy Snickerdoodle Bread Tastes Just Like The Cookie

If you just can’t have enough snickerdoodle flavor in your life, get ready to add another recipe to your baking line-up. This snickerdoodle bread is a unique take on the traditional snickerdoodle cookie, and it’s just as good.

This recipe for snickerdoodle bread from Averie Cooks will make you fall even more in love with your favorite dessert, mainly because it’s chock full of the flavors you adore so much.

The crust of the bread is covered in cinnamon and sugar, and once you slice into the loaf, you’ll reveal melted cinnamon chips in the center that pack even more spiced-cinnamon flavor into every bite.

cinnamon sticks

And if that isn’t enough reason to make this recipe, the smell of freshly baked bread should be enough to convince you to get this in your oven ASAP.

You’ll need flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, cinnamon chips and a few other dry ingredients to create this bread. The addition of sour cream will make the bread nice and moist, and it ensures that tangy quality snickerdoodle cookies always have.

Using an electric mixer, combine the ingredients and then separate the batter into loaf pans. The recipe should make two 8-inch-by-4-inch loaves.

An hour in the oven should yield perfectly baked, delicious-smelling snickerdoodle bread:

Averie Cooks

If this recipe has left you craving even more unique renditions of snickerdoodles, you’re in luck. There are plenty of out-of-the-box snickerdoodle recipes out there.

For example, you can create snickerdoodle pie to go along with your usual batch of snickerdoodle cookies this season. This recipe from Something Swanky combines two classics — cookies and pie — to make a dessert that’s the perfect mix of crunchy, moist and topped with a cream cheese glaze. What more could you want?

Something Swanky

Brown sugar, cinnamon and butter can also come together to yield a delicious snickerdoodle cobbler recipe, as the House of Yumm blog points out. Because of the way this dessert is layered — melted butter first, batter second and hot water poured over top — the dessert is super moist and creates its own caramel sauce as it bakes.

Intrigued? Bake it up, top with ice cream and enjoy.

House of Yumm

You can find even more versions of snickerdoodle cobbler here.

Clearly, there’s no wrong way to enjoy snickerdoodles. So you might as well try them as a cookie, as bread, as a pie or in a cobble. It’s important to test them all.

Besides, when it comes to snickerdoodles, the more you have, the better!

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