You’ll Love These Creamy, Cinnamon-Filled Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars

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Have you ever wondered where snickerdoodle cookies got their name? It is believed that “snickerdoodle” is actually an Americanized version of the German word “Schneckennudeln” — which means “snail dumpling.” These cookies have a Dutch-German history and were originally baked in the shape of a small snail.

While “snail dumpling” doesn’t sound particularly mouth-watering, it’s easy to see why the snickerdoodle cookie has become an American favorite. Snickerdoodles combine everything we love about the sugar cookie, while also bringing in the spiciness and depth of cinnamon.

Snickerdoodle cheesecake bars take these traditional flavors to the next level. As you might expect, this recipe involves cinnamon, vanilla and sugar, as well as tangy cream cheese and crunchy pecans.

This recipe from the blog Shugary Sweets features a cheesecake crust made with crushed Graham cracker crumbs and pecans, giving the cookies a mix of sweet and salty flavors. Meanwhile, the filling contains sugar, eggs, cinnamon and cream cheese.

The snickerdoodle layer consists of butter, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, chopped pecans, cinnamon and a few other ingredients. A cinnamon and sugar topping adds a delicious final touch.

Plated Cravings

You have many options to personalize this recipe to your own taste. You can use chocolate graham crackers for the crust, or even toss in cinnamon graham crackers to really give this cheesecake a Snickerdoodle flavor.

The blog Plated Cravings uses similar ingredients in its Snickerdoodle cheesecake bars, seen below. However, the recipe differs slightly by including two teaspoons of cream of tartar.

Plated Cravings

Cream of tartar is a powder used in baking, which prevents sugar crystals from forming. It also helps baked goods “puff up” when combined with baking soda.

A traditional ingredient often used in snickerdoodle cookie recipes, cream of tartar helps give these treats their airy, fluffy look and smooth, even texture. No crunchy bits of sugar here!


Cream of tartar has a distinctive taste often associated with snickerdoodle cookies. By including it in the snickerdoodle cheesecake bars recipe, Plated Cravings not only reaps the benefits of this leavening agent, but also ensures that their treats taste just like the real thing.