Sweet Tooth Alert: Snickers Is Debuting Three New Candy Bar Flavors


Boy, do I have some delicious news for you: Snickers is rolling out three new flavors next year! The new candy bars are part of Snickers’ “Hunger Bars” campaign, which we all know and love. The idea is that “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” because being hungry transforms you into a grouchy messball. Hey, that rings true to me — my hanger knows no bounds!

The new, limited edition flavors will speak directly to the hunger-demons inside of us. First, there is Fiery Snickers, which has a hot pepper flavor. It’s for anyone feeling a little bit wimpy and needing a good kick in the pants.


Then there is the Espresso Snickers, which will give you that jolt of java you need to take you from irritable to ecstatic in no time.


And lastly, Salty & Sweet Snickers, which gives an added hit of salted caramel flavor. It’s perfect for those of you with an indecisive sweet-tooth, as it gives you the best of both worlds: salty and sweet. (Just a reminder: Snickers bars already have caramel in them so this sounds like a super-caramel-y explosion!)


The new flavors will debut in June 2018, so you’re going to have be patient. Until then, you can still enjoy some unique Snickers flavors during the trick-or-treating season, such as Snickers Halloween Pumpkins or Snickers Halloween Xscream, which are all nuts and caramel!

You can also try Snickers Hazelnut (yes, they have real hazelnuts inside!) or Snickers Peanut Butter Squared (in which the usual nougat, caramel, and chocolate is enhanced with a delicious peanut butter twist). Yum!

Don’t you just love it when your favorite junk food gets a unique flavor update? Thank goodness for the creative minds behind these chocolate concoctions.

Now, the only question is: Do you eat your Snickers with your fingers, or a knife and fork?


[H/t: PopSugar]

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