Snoopy’s real-life twin is a mini sheepadoodle named Bayley

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While the beloved character Snoopy from “Peanuts” has long been thought to be a beagle, there’s a dog out there who looks just like the cartoon brought to life. She’s an adorable two-year-old mini “sheepadoodle,” and her name is Bayley.

Bayley is a designer mix between a miniature poodle and an Old English sheepdog. Her owner posts photos of Bayley on the Instagram account @bayley.sheepadoodle, where she has almost 400,000 followers.

And her breeders at Fantasy Feather Farm posted these images that show how much this sweet girl looks like Snoopy. There’s a picture of her as a puppy, and the post reveals that her parents’ names are Gryffindor and Madison.

Commenters on Instagram images of Bayley often mention the still-popular cartoon.

“Snoopy but the live action version,” @singletonnewton called her on one post.

But there are a few key differences between the two. Bailey has curly tufts of hair that Snoopy does not. And Bayley’s personality is bound to be different than Snoopy’s, since she doesn’t have opportunities to drink root beer and engage the Red Baron in World War I-style combat.

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And, of course, she’s not a beagle. In fact, we do know who the real inspiration for Snoopy was — a dog named Spike that Schulz had when he was 13. Spike was a pointer/hound mix, but Schulz would later go on to confirm that Snoopy is a beagle.

“[The word beagle] begins with ‘B’ for one thing. A lot of funny words do. Just saying ‘beagle’ makes me smile,” the cartoonist said in a 1983 interview, quoted by the Charles M. Schulz Museum on Twitter in response to this question.

Still, Bayley’s resemblance to Snoopy is uncanny, and she’s won many hearts, including the ones who manage Schulz’s legacy. She was recently showered with Snoopy-themed gifts from the @snoopygrams, which is Snoopy’s official Instagram account.

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