Snow Globe Cookies Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

Snow globes make for beautiful holiday-themed decor, but did you know that they can also be the basis for some super-cute cookies? These recipes for snow globe cookies will quickly become a staple on your holiday cookie roster thanks to their detailed designs and irresistible taste.

This recipe for the cookies from Princess Pinky Girl produces some delicious sugar cookies that look exactly like tiny snow globes with snowflakes swirling around Christmas trees inside — right down to the edible “glass” candy.

Although they look almost too pretty to eat, I think I’d eventually break down and take a bite!

Princess Pinky Girl

And how cute are these festive red and white snow globe cookies? I especially love the one with a little owl and the one with spotted mushrooms.

The “glass” in this recipe from 1 Fine Cookie is made with isomalt, which is a type of sugar substitute. The blogger notes that it can also be made by boiling down sugar, water and cornstarch. You’ll need some condiment squeeze bottles and piping bags to pull off the design, which can be customized to your preferences. Experiment with different cookie shapes, colors and designs.

1 Fine Cookie

If your crafting skills aren’t quite up to the level needed to execute these incredibly detailed cookies, take a few shortcuts with this recipe from Pillsbury. It utilizes premade cookie dough and ready-to-spread frosting.

You can still show off your creativity with how you decorate the cookies, but it won’t take nearly as much time or artistry. Go as simple or as involved as you want! Even kids can get in on the fun with this one.


If you love the look of these cookies but aren’t a fan of baking, you can get some made-to-order “Let It Snow” snow globe cookies from Bakersmann on Etsy.

Hassle-free holiday baking? Yes, please!