Snowman Marshmallows Make Hot Cocoa Even Cuter

Ok, so we all love hot cocoa this time of year, right? Of course! And we all love snowmen, especially ones with a corncob pipe, a button nose and two eyes made out of coal, naturally. Well, just imagine what would happen if you combined the two. You’d basically have the most adorable winter treat you could ever imagine.

The site I Am A Food Blog has done just that by making— you guessed it— snowman marshmallows. The great thing is, you can make these from scratch or you can start with store-bought marshmallows and add tiny snowman characteristics for an even more festive touch.

If you do decide to make them from scratch, I must tell you from personal experience that a candy thermometer is a key part of the process. I once thought I could try to make them without that very important item, and it was a huge failure— so consider yourself forewarned.

Other than the whole not having a candy thermometer thing, the process of making marshmallows from home is much easier than you’d imagine. All you really need is sugar and gelatin to make the best accompaniment for a cup of cocoa.

The recipe from I Am A Food Blog makes mint flavored marshmallows, so if you love mixing peppermint and chocolate (who doesn’t this time of year?) then, this at-home recipe is the one for you.

Whether you try making them in your very own kitchen or choose to buy them from the grocery store, you can add some facial features, including a carrot nose, to make the cutest little snowmen you’ve ever seen.

Melted chocolate bring your snowmen to life, and voilà— you’ve got the perfect Christmas drink.


I Am A Food Blog

Image: I Am A Food Blog

Look at their cute little faces!

I Am A Food Blog

Image: I Am A Food Blog

They’re easy to make, to boot. How could you resist from creating these friendly faces for your next cup of hot chocolate?

I Am A Food Blog

These are seriously too adorable.

I don’t know about you, but I’d eat these up in a second! They’re precious, but not too precious to eat, you know?

Make Christmas all the merrier with these little guys in your mug! To find out how to make these snowman marshmallows, tiny faces and all, head on over to the I Am A Food Blog to get the full recipe.