The Internet Is Loving This Soccer Photo That Shows Co-Parenting At Its Best

A co-parenting set-up can be tricky for everyone involved. Co-parents know it’s best to put your differences aside and make the children the center of attention, but, of course, that can be easier said than done.

This viral photo demonstrates that a harmonious co-parenting situation is possible, so it’s no wonder that it’s gotten so much attention online.

Emilee Player posted a photo of her step-daughter, 4-year-old Maelyn Player, at a soccer game. Emilee is seated alongside her husband plus Maelyn’s mom and stepdad. The parents are wearing matching shirts that have Maelyn’s soccer number and their roles (i.e. “stepmom,” “dad”) printed on the back.

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Now, is that a happy blended family or what?

The photo had gotten over 87,000 shares on Facebook and over 3,000 comments at the time of publication with commenters applauding how the adults have managed the situation.

Emilee captioned the photo, “Because of us, I will never believe co-parenting can’t work! I KNOW through experience it CAN WORK! Choose to do what’s best for your child and everything will just fall into place.” Folks online couldn’t agree with this sentiment more.

The stepmom explained this is the normal routine for the family to the Huffington Post.

“Alex, the stepdad, is in the Army and stationed in Fort Bragg, but every time he is home all four of us attend,” Emilee told the publication. “On a regular day it is the three of us, and we make it a point to sit together and cheer her on as a family.”

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‘We’re Doing What Should Be Normal’ With Co-Parenting

The family is working to support Maelyn on and off the field.

“We do all birthdays together for Maelyn,” Clara Cazeau, Mayelyn’s mom, told the Huffington Post. “We also go to each other’s birthday dinners with their own families, we do holidays together, we go to one another’s houses, we are literally always doing things together.”

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How refreshing is that to hear? Because a happy co-parenting environment is not always the situation families find themselves in, for one reason or another.

“[We’ve had] people saying this is not the way things should be and that we are confusing our daughter,” Emilee told “In my eyes, what we’re doing should be normal. There’s so much hate in this world these days. Our kids deserve to see the love we have towards one another.”

Now who can argue with that?