This soccer player scored a goal and a basket at the same time

Scoring a goal is a great moment for any soccer player. The satisfaction. The exhilaration. The glory! So imagine the extra thrill this young futsal (think: indoor soccer) player got when, after successfully getting the ball past the goalie, he also inadvertently scored a basket at the time.

Sort of.

You see, his shoe flew off his foot and miraculously made it through the basketball hoop. Watch the epic accident in all its glory below:

Wow! I have to say, I had to watch the video a few times before I even took notice of the ball because I was just so focused on how perfectly his shoe sailed through that hoop. Everyone present, including the other players and the crowd, seems pretty excited by the miracle shot, as evidenced by their jubilant cheering. The kid who pulls it off almost seems like he’s not surprised, so maybe it wasn’t an accident after all? Is this a move you could plan? Hmm. The world may never know.

This isn’t the only time someone has scored a basket in an unusual way and had it captured on video. Back in 2010, high school basketball coach Joel Branstrom became the talk of the nation when he managed to make a half-court shot while blindfolded. Check out the incredible footage below:

And the too-wild-to-be-true, jaw-dropping feats of athleticism don’t stop there. Sometimes, even the pros make a shot they weren’t expecting—or even intending. Check out this funny compilation video of NBA players sinking unintentional baskets:

How amazing are those shots? It looks as if some of them weren’t even trying! All of which sort of makes us think that, even if we have no skills on the court—and perhaps no athletic ability whatsoever—it might still be possible to pleasantly surprise ourselves and score a shot when we least expect it. Have you ever pulled off something like this?