Moms met in a parking lot to hang out from the trunks of their minivans

In this new era of social distancing we’ve found ourselves in, people are missing their friends more than ever. Being unable to meet up for coffee or dinner, or even visit each others’ homes, people are forced to find creative ways to connect. While video calls, keeping in touch on social media and group text chats all have their place, sometimes you just need to see your pals in the flesh.

To hang out while still in compliance with social distancing measures, five moms in Minnesota came up with a genius idea. They met up in an empty parking lot, and each sat in the trunks of their minivans, ensuring they’d keep the recommended six feet of distance between them.

The friends usually get together on Friday mornings for coffee, so they kept their usual date, but just made some modifications.

Katherine Kaylor took to Facebook to share their innovative meetup, and it has since gone viral, racking up more than 61,000 reactions, more than 200 comments and more than 400,000 shares:

“When you’re slowly losing your sanity, you find a time to ditch all the kids, so you can meet in an empty parking lot with your friends,” she wrote alongside photos of their setup. “We met at 7 a.m., drank coffee, ate breakfast and chatted (while maintaining social distancing in the safety of our trunks!). It was so needed and so wonderful.”

What a great idea! Especially if you live in a place where you don’t yet have stay-at-home orders — which is why Kaylor made an “edited to add” note at the end. “ETA” this happened during social distancing,” Kaylor added. “And is approved by our mayor. We are now on shelter in place and this is NOT allowed. Stay home friends.”

On March 25, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz issued a statewide shelter in place order, which means residents of the state are advised to only leave their homes when necessary, such as for critical supplies like food, or if they are essential employees.

Although the friends won’t be meeting up in a parking lot again for now, Kaylor says connecting with loved ones any way you can is beneficial during this difficult time, even if it’s only through your phone.

“It’s important to be able to express your emotions to somebody that knows you well and understands your situation,” she told Insider.

We’re glad that these pals got to see each other in person, and we’re sure they’ll continue to be there for each other however they can as we all weather this challenging time.

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