This woman’s maternity photo shoot happened during the solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse Visible Across Swath Of U.S.
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A recent photo opp celebrated two things most women experience only a few times in their life: the impending birth of a new baby and a total solar eclipse.

When Nichole Carver realized she would be close to welcoming her third child right when her hometown was in the path of totality for the 2017 solar eclipse, she and her photographer knew they had to incorporate this celestial moment into her maternity photos. Especially since Carver lives in Murray County, Georgia, where conditions were ripe for the big event.

“We had 99.1 percent totality. I pitched the idea to her and she ran with it and the photo is out of this world amazing!” Carver told FOX 5 Atlanta. The breathtaking shots celebrate Carver’s growing baby bump while she stands in front of the total solar eclipse, in a mid-afternoon dark sky.

The photographer—the woman behind Still Pearl Photography—also happens to be Carver’s mother-in-law. Lisa Cruikshank explained how a little bit of magic on the computer made the final images come together, saying that the final photo was a composite because the sun was too high in the sky to get both it and her daughter-in-law in the frame. She also told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I didn’t have a solar filter for my lens, so I held my glasses up over my lens and got the sun photo. Then, I shot another frame with Nichole and merged them.”

Carver explained to FOX 5 that this maternity shoot was extra special to their family. “This is our last planned pregnancy as we have experienced the joys of birthing two healthy children and the sadness of loss after delivering my second child, a little girl named Emma, stillborn back in 2014,” she told the TV station. “Our little boy is nothing short of a miracle to us and what better way to celebrate him than capturing this once in a life moment in time.”

Congrats to the whole family!

Check out more awesome photographs from the solar eclipse here.

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